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May....did someone say MAY!!!!? 

Coming up in May I have two very special appearances...the first on Saturday the 3rd May is the Country Music Marathon at the Dandenong Workers' Club with my trio (Billy Mc on guitar and mando and Ryan on double bass!) This is a show in aid of the Dandenong Valley Special Olympics - what an amazing cause to contribute to!  Please come along and support these athletes and the artists that are supporting them!  Some really great talent - promises to be bigger than Ben Hur!

Music from 11 am - 11pm with the Tim Farren Band, Chris Newman, Jan Dandridge, Ian Bidge Boyd, Evan Platschinda, Tony Wirth, Ryan Shore, Sarah Greenhill, Sandy Rassmussen, Pat and Peter...and ME!

Secondly I will be playing with my WHOLE BAND (yes that's right all of us together in one spot at one time!) for the Very Special Kids Fundraiser at the Hallam Hotel on Sunday 25 May at 2pm!  Andrew Swift and The Rattlesnake Choir, Hanks Jalopy Demons, The Prairie Oysters and me and my fabulous band of merrymakers!  There's a dance floor too so come along and dance teh afternoon away with us!
Both of these causes are sensational and I can't wait to play for you all!  I might have a new song or two to share also!  Very cool!


Bonnie Doon - the serenity, duck shooting and The Basin! 

Wow what a weekend!

Cathy Dobson and I travelled together up to the inaugural Bonnie Doon Music Festival on Friday afternoon - performing on Friday evening and Saturday!  Friday evening was gorgeous and sunny (hot) but as the sun went down and people came in from work/school, the atmosphere certainly was one of relaxation and music together in one spot!

Great music, great food (twisty fried potatoes!) Thai, pizza, wine, home brew beer and cider, you name it - AND loads of great music!  What more could you ask for - congrats to the organisers - Bonnie Doon Music Festival promises to become something huge! 

The Bonnie Doon Hotel looked after us superbly on Friday night too - so next time you're there - pop in for a feed and a drink and a sit in the beer garden!! 

The only negative was having the  absolute wits scared out of me on Saturday mornng - apparently it was the opening of the duck shooting season and as Bonnie Doon is in a valley - the echoes of shot guns were so loud - I thought we were being over taken by some anti-music-festival protesters!!!

No matter - we still had a great time!

I also met two wonderful souls in Bonnie Doon (Ben Anfruns and Dr Chantel Fitzsimmons, who are cycling 16000 ks around Australia to raise money for Angel Flight and Neuroscience research can read all about their stop in Bonnie Doon here - but have a good read through their blog, and DO make a donation if you can!!!

Care Cycle Oz

Cathy and I left Bonnie Doon Saturday afternoon and managed to hit Melbourne just as the storm hit so we were very lucky to not have to drive through it!

On Sunday - I stayed a little closer to home and Billy and I headed up 'the mount' to The Basin Music Festival, which is the biggest little festival in Melbourne - superbly run, friendly, diverse and never ceases to amaze me - I always discover someone new there!!!  We had a ball!  Billy was in fine form too as always and we caught up with loads of lovely friends and made some new ones too!

A huge weekend of music!

Keep an eye on my gig guide for where I'll be next - loads of great things coming up!

Love Nia xxx


City of Casey Mayoral Charity Concert - Fri 8 November 2014 

I'm really excited to be associated with the most talented bunch of Casey country music artists to help stage the 'Casey Rocks Tamworth' Mayoral Charity Concert on Friday, November 8th at the Cranbourne Community Theatre commencing at 7.30pm.

he concert is a 'SNEAK PEEK of the concerts Casey FM will be presenting at the 2014 Tamworth Country Music Festival next January 21 & 23.

The proceeds from the Charity Concert will be going to the 'Friends of Ermera' to help raise funds to purchase a radio transmitter for a community radio station in a remote area of East Timor.Tickets are $10 each and will only be available at the door from 7.00pm on the night!

Click the poster for the Facebook event!