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Storytellers 2015 - Thanks! 

So Storytellers is over for another year! A HUGE thank you to my partner in crime Billy (aka William McMartin) for his awesome job on the sound....every artist commented on the great sound and many of the listeners too! You're amazing Billy - love you - love your work! (Will be contacting Lloyds re insurance for your ears!)

There are WAY too many artists to mention separately here (100+), but I was just so blown away by the incredible diversity of songs and styles presented to us over 6 wonderful days of original music. So many new to Storytellers artists too and it was such a joy to share your music! Delivering your song-children to us is something akin to leaving your baby with the babysitter for the first time and we so appreciate that you trust us enough to share! Over 100 of you shared your songs with us over 6 days and it was mind blowing to think that just three years ago- we had just 20 performers over three days!

Our evening shows were incredible - thanks so much to everyone who participated in those - more of those in 2016!!! Audience-wise, we had a full room at various times, and many return listeners who enjoyed Storytellers previously, which was lovely, and all promise to spread the word about Storytellers in the future! We're aiming for quality over quantity and quality listeners we did have - so we're claiming that as a win! Yes, it was quiet at some times, but as long as people keep asking me when we start and when we finish and express disappointment we're not on for all 10 days (God help us!!!) We'll keep going!

We heard many times over festival "If you build it - they will come". What we wanted to build was two-fold; a space for songwriters to share their own songs, and equally a space for the avid listener to hear new music, and not be distracted, and truly we believe we ARE getting there. We had so many positive comments and this buoys us for the future of Storytellers. We heard some new 'favourite' artists, met wonderful new friends and come away from #TCMF2015 inspired and exhilarated.

Thank you for your part in that!

There will be some refinements to come in 2016 so stick around and keep your eyes and ears open! If you build it - they will come!!!

Much love and many thanks Nia xxx
(sorry for the ramble)!

Storytellers 2015 

Planning for Storytellers 2015 is under-way and we have 50+ people expressed their interest so far - half of which I've never heard before except  for some sneaky you-tubing!  There's still time if you're even remotely interested and you might becoming to Tamworth in January 2015 - then you MUST email me on to register your interest!  Go it now!!!

Tamworth Country Music Festival 2014 

Another Tamworth Country Music Festival over for the year. After a VERY successful Storytellers, we booked the venue for the entire ten days of festival for 2015! so watch out - some great new events and amazing talent coming your way. The ONLY way to make sure you get the all the info about 2015 events is by joining the FB page and keeping a close eye out! email and I'll add you to the mailing list for 2015. All previous artists will be required to re-notify me of their interest.

A huge thank you to all the artists who made our 'little' events at the Ibis Styles Tamworth such a great success...I appreciate each and every one of you so much! We look forward to a bigger, better 2015 Tamworth Country Music Festival!!!

To the artists, we thank you for being who you are, for being flexible when we asked that of you, for being prepared and sharing such amazing talents with the audiences. Yes, it takes a lot of work to wrangle over 50 performers, but it was made so much easier by YOU!

Lynda Barnes, Sandy Rasmussen, Angus Gill, Cathy Dobson, Gretta Ziller, Sue Dyson, Connie Kis Andersen, John Scholten, John Smith, Rod Dowsett, Susan Lily, Brook Chivell/Anthony Emery, Nia Robertson, Nathaniel O'Brien, Sami, Cassie Hilbers, Bridget Galvin, Kaitlyn Thomas, Neilly Rich, Allan Caswell, Sandra Humphries, Bec Hance, Pete Smith, Lou Bradley, Henry Czerwonka, Jasper Hollis, Clancy Drive, Bowen & Clare, Michele Walker, Matt Henry, Melissa Robertson, Andrew Swift, Arty Red Socks, Guy Kachel, Gayle O'Neill, Peter Langston - MC, Katrina Burns, Aly Cook, Prairie Oysters Acoustic, Sonyta Trahar, Joshua Rennie-Heynes, Guy Kachel, Bernie Carsen, Wendy Wood, Walker, Josh Lovegrove, Chelsea Morgan, Amistat, Kiara Rodriguez, Mel McGillivray, Aaron Daniels Band, Forever Road, Pete Denahy, Ryan Sampson, Jessica-Jade, Allison Forbes.

A massive thanks and lots of love to @William McMartin and Beyond Therapy Productions for your patience and skill with the sound, the recordings and all things technical.

Also a huge thankyou to our sponsors Cranbourne Music and Roots of Music for your help in making it all possible!

To the City of Casey many thanks for your assistance with the Casey Rocks Tamworth Showcases - a HUGE success for both the artists, and Casey Arts Hour - Casey Radio 97.7FM! Thanks Bob, Wayne, Louise, Bryce for all your help too!

Thanks to the staff of the Ibis Styles Tamworth Towers too, especially, Mel, Nigel and Loretta for all your assistance....and the pillow!

So now the planning for 2015 begins!!!

City of Casey Mayoral Charity Concert - Fri 8 November 2014 

I'm really excited to be associated with the most talented bunch of Casey country music artists to help stage the 'Casey Rocks Tamworth' Mayoral Charity Concert on Friday, November 8th at the Cranbourne Community Theatre commencing at 7.30pm.

he concert is a 'SNEAK PEEK of the concerts Casey FM will be presenting at the 2014 Tamworth Country Music Festival next January 21 & 23.

The proceeds from the Charity Concert will be going to the 'Friends of Ermera' to help raise funds to purchase a radio transmitter for a community radio station in a remote area of East Timor.Tickets are $10 each and will only be available at the door from 7.00pm on the night!

Click the poster for the Facebook event!