Being aware and participating fully in your music life

Many new performers just don't know where to start in the music business.  So you've written a few songs, you play, you sing, what next? Where do you go? Many artists stumble through doing the best they can, without direction or thought of what to do next week, next month, or next year.  New or inexperienced artists artists (and importantly their parents and support networks) often spend a lot of money  on singing and music lessons, getting recordings and film clips done etc, but then do not know where to go next, or who to talk to!  
I've struggled through the maze of all these musical things over the last 20 years am now offering my time to artists to enable them to develop the skills to be 'mindful' about their music careers; to be present and make confident and well considered decisions in line with their goals and aspirations.  With over twenty years not only involved in music, but also in the corporate business world, I can help you navigate the BUSINESS side of music.

Focussing on:
  • goal setting
  • business planning
  • strategy (including social media, advertising, media)
  • record keeping, accounting, governance

Don't be fooled - these are NOT singing or performance lessons (although I can help you find a vocal or instrument coach that suits you).  I can also advise you when you need to seek the assistance of external consultants (legal advice, producers, songwriters, PR professionals, managers, etc) and advise of alternative methods, when your budget doesn't allow for these things.   

My consultation service is an advisory service only. I can help you - as an independent artist or band make plans and learn the necessary skills you need to take those very important first steps. I do not take on the project nor do I perform the required work for you, but I can refer you to the right professionals that CAN do that work for you if your budget allows.  I'm not your manager, pr consultant, or producer, I am a consultant to assist you with the business aspects of music.
I can not promise that you will become a 'star' - that's entirely up to you! 
These are sessions which will, with your active participation, enable you to take those important first steps with confidence.  
Packages consist of ten, 1 hour sessions  which will be individually tailored to your needs, however the first session will always be about getting to know you, understanding who you are, and setting your music business goals, which will determine the content and focus of the following sessions.  Unlimited email assistance with questions relating to your current sessions is also available.

Terms of service:
  • All packages require a 50% deposit on booking and payment in full prior to the booked time
  • Balance is required prior to your first session
  • Cancelled sessions cannot be refunded
  • Sessions can be held face to face in my home (SE Suburbs of Melbourne), at an agreed convenient time,  or by phone or Skype for interstate parties.
  • Travel charges apply if I need to come to you and is charged at the hourly rate.
Other services available:
One off consultations
Once your initial ten sessions are completed, I am available for future one-off sessions (minimum charge one hour) again either in person (in Melbourne), or via phone or Skype.  These sessions must be booked and paid for in advance by direct deposit, or via PayPal. Fifty per cent (50%) of your fee will be retained if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours.
For these sessions it is recommended that you have any specific topics ready and if possible, email them to me so precious time is not wasted and we can cover as much as possible.
Social media and promotion strategies
Assistance with setting up, managing and organising your web, social media activities (minimum charge one hour) preferably in  person, or via phone or Skype. These sessions must be booked and paid for in advance by direct deposit, VISA/Mastercard or via PayPal. Fifty per cent (50%) of your fee will be retained if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours.  You will need your laptop/iPad/pc for these sessions.

Making the most of your merchandising dollar

Assistance with developing merchandising strategies and finding the right merchandise (at the right price). 
Email Nia  for full pricing details.  Payment can be made by direct credit to a bank account, by VISA/Mastercard or PayPal, and tax invoices can be issued if you require.


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